​Grayslake Lions Club

  • Lions Steer Roast (Sep 8, 2019)
  • Lions International Convention -  Milano, Italy, June 29th – July 5-9, 2019
  • Lions Pancake Breakfast - April 28, Grayslake Fire Station

Let’s put an end to blindness world-wide!

Melvin Jones award winners Lions Darlene and Lions Jim.  Lion Carole become a Lion Fellow award winner.

August 2015 Prez Sez: This one is getting out a little late this month. I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather now that it has finally arrived.

Just a couple of quick notes.
Thank you for all the members’ help in this year’s ticket sales at the Lake County Fair. It seems as though a couple of members got out just in time to before the storm hit.

Speaking of the storm, I hope all our members got through with little or no damage. I drove through town early Monday morning to see if there was anywhere the club could be of assistance. What I saw was a lot of trees, some broken windows, some roofs missing shingles but mostly damage that insurance should cover.

We had one request for help, if any elderly person cannot afford to have a private service remove limbs would there be anyone available to lend a helping hand.
If anyone is interested let me know please.

Lastly is the upcoming Steer Roast. I would like to ask all Committee chairs to be present if possible at the meeting August 11th to finalize details, shift assignments and so forth.

That's all for now, see you on the 11th

Lion Tim

Rob Depke
1st Vice President
Joe Kane
2nd Vice President

3rd Vice President


Patti Jo Jarvis
Cynthia Lee
Lion Tamer
Bob Pokela
Tail Twister
Bob Schilling
Tim Powell
Matt Mulryan
Jud Revelle
Carole Frank
Past President
Tim Keefe